Joyeuses Fêtes (Happy Holidays!)

There is a lot of talk (in EVERY language) this Season about spending.

holiday presentsHow much or little is appropriate. Overpriced. A “good” deal. Adequate. DIY. All with big hearted, noble generosity, yes. But nonetheless all-to-common spikes of insecurity and guilt.

How could a “thing,” and object be enough to mark appreciation of a loved one, colleague, family member, neighbor, friend?

Time travels. Belongings rarely journey with us. Besides relationship and memory, all that is truly perennial is education and knowledge.

It would be foolish to say this lightly, but in this case it is the only appropriate term: priceless.

Gift the gift of the French Language Learning – to yourself, as well as any of those in your circle. There may be no greater gesture for both present and future appreciation and advancement than giving the gift of learning French.

The world is smaller than we think. We all are immigrants. Meet your neighbors by learning together.

Learn French Brooklyn: The ONLY exclusively-French Language and Cultural Center in Brooklyn. Why spend 2019 anywhere else?

Happy Holidays, XO


PS: Stay tuned for a our Cultural Events Menu for 2019. Brooklyn just got French-er!

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