Speak Up! French Pronunciation Primer

A loud and proud French Talk intensive. Join Learn French Brooklyn and Paris Native Emile Bertherat for a 90-minute French Talk Training.

This equally academic and breezy class offers French-talkers-in-training:

  • Elocution essentials
  • Facial muscle memory know-how
  • Phonetic rules and cues
  • Exercises to practice independently
  • Tips for reading out loud
  • Common differences between written and spoken words and phrases
  • Tongue twisters, and more!

Emerge from class empowered to gab with gusto. Dump your blabber baggage. Speech shame begone. Open up the oration channels. Shout, sing, and soliloquy in free and easy French eloquence.

This class is designed for French to English speakers of all levels. This course is an ideal supplement to LFBK semester classes or as a one-time workshop.

  • Date/Time: Thursday, June 6th 7:00-8:30pm
  • Price: $35 current students / $40 general public

Purchase your Pronunciation Workshop Ticket here!

Have a question or inquiry? Contact us. We can’t wait to communicate!

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