French 4 Summer Slackers: All the French, None of the BS

Don’t be so serious! It is SUMMER Time! Lower those shades, push back the lawn chair, crack that brew, prop up your feet. Welcome to three months of endless weekends, no commitments, procrastination, and kicking back.

Yes, learning a language is about commitment, practice, and study. But why not blend that with a dash of Summer Slacking? Who says you can’t have and LEARN it all?

Join LFBK for all 5 or just one of our No Commitment French Beginners+ or Intermediate workshops to continue the French Language journey in a (very French!) ala carte manner. 90 minutes of review, exercises, new tools, fun quizzes, and cultural context tidbits and topical usage tips.

*Beginner Level:

  • The past tenses
    • Passé composé (être and avoir); Imparfait
  • The future tenses
    • Future simple, near future, exceptions and irregular verbs
  • Irregular verbs & imperative
    • The most frequent irregular verbs, imperative mode, negative imperative mode
  • The gender: nouns and adjectives
    • Determining the gender of a noun with its ending; Different forms of the adjective; Most frequent exceptions
  • Direct/indirect verbs & Complément d’objet direct
    • Direct verbs & Complément d’objet direct; Indirect verbs & Complément d’objet indirect: avec “de” et avec “à”; and using pronouns for the CO

* Workshop is for students who are Beginner Level 2 or 3.

Intermediate Level:

  • Opposition and concession & subjonctif
    • The difference between opposition and concession; Keywords to express opposition and concession; The subjunctive mode
  • Comparison & quantity
    • Comparing two elements, the superlative and undefined quantity
  • Hypothesis
    • Hypothesis in the present, future and past tense
  • Passé simple & Plus que parfait
    • When to use PS & PQP and how to create it
  • Conditionnel
    • Expressing courtesy and advice; Most common verbs; Expressing your imagination and wishes

Each class consists of grammar reboot review and exercises, as well as practice tools such as pop quizzes, topical discussion topics to for play and practice, and follow up work for reinforcement as you lounge about and perfect your tan.

  • Date/Time:
    • Beginner: Wednesday, June 12th from 7:00-8:30pm
    • Intermediate: Wednesday, June 19th from 7:00-8:30pm
  • Price: $35 current students / $40 general public

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