Toast of the Town: NYC French Events Spring & Summer 2019

We at LFBK had a true garden of French pleasures to pick from in decorating our (and your!) calendar bouquet this Spring.   Fill your Spring baskets with a few of our NYC side French Faves …. Cinema Burning Bright: New French Filmmakers at FIAF May 7–June 25, 2019, @ FIAF A “perennial” blossom in at Manhattan’s, this year’s FIAF’s CinéSalon series presents recent noteworthy films by nine exciting French filmmakers. Many of the screens serving as the US and/or NYC premiers. Fiction, documentary as well as full and short [...]

Crack the Francophone Code: Speak like a Native!

American high school students are generally greeted by two choices in Foreign Language studies: French and Spanish. Sometimes Italian is tossed in for good measure, but there you have it. Here are a teenager’s choices that fall into the subjects-to-ignore or pretend-you’re- doing-work-as-you-text categories. Perhaps extra attention is spent in study by those focused on standardized test scores, college ambitions, studying abroad, or general adventures. Point is, we forget our French. If we turn our language learning memories back to adolescence, what we do recall is punishingly “academic.” Aka “stilted,” [...]

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Foolin’ Around in French: An Aprils Fools’ tribute to funny Francophiles

Laughter is international. Funny speaks to all peoples. Though the French may not have invented the “guffaw” historical and modern French Comedians and Comedienne have made a hilarious impact that is NOT to be scoffed at! In serious celebration of April Fools - here are a few notable, knee-slapping favorites French funny folks. For guaranteed giggles and good times read on! Blast from the French Comic Past: Aristide Bruant - 6 May 1851 – 11 February 1925, a cabaret singer-comedian, and nightclub owner. Known as the man in the red [...]

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No Commitment French: Summer Classes

French 4 Summer Slackers: All the French, None of the BS Don’t be so serious! It is SUMMER Time! Lower those shades, push back the lawn chair, crack that brew, prop up your feet. Welcome to three months of endless weekends, no commitments, procrastination, and kicking back. Yes, learning a language is about commitment, practice, and study. But why not blend that with a dash of Summer Slacking? Who says you can’t have and LEARN it all? Join LFBK for all 5 or just one of our No Commitment French [...]

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Speak Up! French Pronunciation Primer

Speak Up! French Pronunciation Primer A loud and proud French Talk intensive. Join Learn French Brooklyn and Paris Native Emile Bertherat for a 90-minute French Talk Training. This equally academic and breezy class offers French-talkers-in-training: Elocution essentials Facial muscle memory know-how Phonetic rules and cues Exercises to practice independently Tips for reading out loud Common differences between written and spoken words and phrases Tongue twisters, and more! Emerge from class empowered to gab with gusto. Dump your blabber baggage. Speech shame begone. Open up the oration channels. Shout, sing, and [...]

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Bucket List MUST – Why Paris?

Better yet: Why NOT Paris! Lead LFBK teacher, Parisian Native, cultural autorité, fin gourmet, and frugal traveler,  Emile Bertherat shares none-too-few reasons to mark “Paris Vacation” off your to-do list today! LFBK: We New Yorkers have it all. We live, work, and play in the Greatest City in the World.  We don’t accept 2nd best. When vacation planning - what does City of Lights have to offer those from the City that Never Sleeps? In brief: Why Paris? Emile: Exactly, because you DO deserve the best! Paris is ideal for [...]

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Earbud Buddies: LFBK French Podcast Picks

At the gym. On the train. Traipsing boro to boro, across sidewalks, intersections, bridges. Cleaning the house. Cooking. Nodding off. Getting set for the day. Your earbuds blasting away. Your brain is open, intellect ready, and need for entertainment is high. Serial is so-so. S*&t Town good enough. Radiolab we amour you fo sho. But what about the rest of the Globe? What if you could touch base, listen up, tune it and touch-down with our French Friends? Round out your LFBK classes with some auditory immersion thanks to these [...]

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Paris Travel No-no. NEVER do this in Paris!

Paris Travel No-no. NEVER do this in Paris! Travel tips (like us travelers!) come in ALL shapes and sizes. Best-of-the-Best lists are a dime a Google - thus we @ LFBK present an equally short and essential list of What to AVOID on your Paris Vacation. Get out your red pens, secure your personal carry-ons overhead, fasten your seat belts, extinguish your cigarette, and prepare for lift-off! Don’t you dare: Visit The Eiffel Tower Shocked? Don’t be! The Eiffel Tower is an icon certainly worth taking in, but you need-not spend [...]

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Fondue How-to: She dip, he dip, you dip, WE dip.

What is Winter without a warm steaming pot of FONDUE!? It’s enfer, that’s what! Like with so many things that make life for Brooklyn based Francophones, Francophiles, French curious folks and Foodies—language learning devotees can count on Learn French Brooklyn for a filling and feeling good time. (This February with fromage no less…) Fondue filling options are endless, no dippin’ doubt! However, there are truly only two choices for Fondue enjoyment and education: Social Savory Fondue Fun: Join us and our Frenchie friends a Le Fond for LFBK Fondue School. [...]

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Parisian Holiday Crash Course

Navigate like a Native: An NYC savvy take on a City of Lights escapade Parisian Holiday Crash Course Do you cringe at the wide-eyed traveler on the subway? A too-slow stroller along Bedford Avenue? The over camera-adorned customer at your favorite boutique? Does FBAT (Fear of Being a Tourist) have you NYC shackled? Shake off your chains - tour Paris without being-a-tourist. Be a Traveler NOT a Tourist. Explore the gems of the City through the eyes of an expert. Gain an insider’s scoop on how to: communicate, navigate, eat, [...]

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