Corporate & Business French Language Classes

Corporate & Business French Language Classes2018-10-25T00:24:54+00:00

Want to give your corporate team or employees French Lessons?

Corporate French lessons can help give employees an edge in foreign markets. Sending a team to Paris for a meeting? Traveling to Morocco for a conference? Our French lessons for companies and organizations is the perfect add on to employee perk packages or a mandatory class for upper management. We work with sizes in all industries that want to help their team improve their French language speaking and comprehension skills.

We offer multiple platforms for learning the French languiage

There is no doubt that French speaking companies have a presence in English speaking countries. Leverage your knowledge of the French language to improve business deals and form deeper, long lasting commercial partnerships with Learn French Brooklyn.

French Lessons for Global Corporations

We are based in Brooklyn, NY but we service clients all across the world. We have a team of the top French teachers in the Northern Hemisphere, ready to help your organization improve their French.

Why Choose Learn French BK?

  • Our teachers will help you communicate confidently with French-speaking colleagues and clients.
  • You can use a combination of face-to-face and online lessons.
  • We offer all levels of French, from novice to Francophone.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the French culture and business etiquette.
  • We’ll teach you technical vocabulary and industry-specific vocabulary unique to your industry.
  • Contact us today for a free consultation.