Learn French Brooklyn Teachers – Meet The Team

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Magda Lahliti - founder learn french brooklyn

Magda Lahliti – Founder

Magda is a Native French Speaker and has taught French for more than 15 years. She has created a curriculum to learn French through immersion and based on the French Education National guidelines and inspired by Reggio Emilia and Montessori philosophies. She is the founder of French For Little Ones and Learn French Brooklyn.

A fervent supporter of Billinguism, Magda believes it is a way to bond with other cultures to overcome language barriers and hold greater tolerance and understanding to different traditions and identities. She has created Learn French Brooklyn to promote French Culture through innovative classes and exciting Cultural Workshops.

Contact Magda: magda@learnfrenchbrooklyn.com

sonia gauntier - french teacher brooklyn

Sonia Gautier

Kids & adults French teacher

Sonia has been a teacher for 6 years. She has worked at the FIAF of New York and has taught French for Native Speaker, Beginners and Intermediate for adults and children.

Celia Bartl - learn french brooklyn teacher

Celia Bartl

Kids French teacher

Celia has been a teacher for 4 years. She teaches French to children 2 to 10 years old through art, music and movements.

Vans Sandro Marhone

Kids, Teens & Adults French teacher

Sandro has been a teacher for 8 years. He has taught French at the French Institute and has taught French to children level A1 to DELF.

Emile Bertherat learn french brooklyn teacher

Emile Bertherat

Films, art history and all levels French teacher

Graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris in Literature and Art History, Emile has taught at the FIAF in San Francisco and has taught French and done lectures at Stanford University.

maimouna french teacher learn french bk

Maimouna Keita

French teacher for all ages

Maimouna has been a teacher for 4 years. She has taught at the dual language school PS 58 and at the FIAF in NYC.

Soud - french literature teacher, brooklyn new yorkj

Souad Bouhayat

Literature & teacher of French for all levels.

Souad is a Master of Arts graduate who taught French I, II and III at the University of Florida. She has worked on a thesis that examines the voice of female writers from the Maghreb in the 1980s and their efforts to change the status of women of their respective countries.

Christelle Roshdi learn french brooklyn

Christelle Roshdi

Head 2's Teacher

Yasmine ElBarrak

2's Teacher

soly nunez learn french brooklyn

Solymar Nunez

Assistant 2's Teacher

Camille Gacem

Enrichment & Assistant 3's Teacher

anastasia melissaratos learn french brooklyn

Anastasia Melissaratos

Marketing Manager

tracy bullock learn french brooklyn

Tracy Bullock

Director of Innovation

chad lewine learn french brooklyn

Chad Lewine

Director of Digital & Marketing